Power Overwhelming

Bring me the claw of a White dragon

Kimmuriel Oblodra leader of Bregan D’aerthe was informed of the situation at hand by the sisters. Ever the curious and knowledge searching psion; Kimmuriel was of course very interested in the events. He has requested the heroes prove themselves and slay a white dragon and bring him back his claw along other components. The heroes retrieved a shield of Ilmater at the request of Oblodra, but their victory was short lived as Azzedar and his ranger companion were arrested for spying and treason. A shadow thief of Amn was captured on the coast of Damara and named his contact a tiefling rogue by the name of Azzedar, and a ranger that should be by his side. Assassin and thief guilds have been banned in the Bloodstone Lands since the destruction of the citadel of assassins at the hands of Jarlaxle and Kimmuriel Oblodra. They completed this task in order to gain Artermis Entreri’s freedom. Of course they were all exiled from the Bloodstone lands after their bargaining with the Paladin King Gareth Dragonsbane. Without two of their allies their quest to kill a dragon would prove much harsher. They climbed up one of the bordering mountains close to the Spine of the World. The chosen mountain rumors to hold two masters a powerful Polar Bear in the upper levels, and a White dragon broods at the very top of the Mountain.


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